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March 6, 2019 Flooring

Wood Floor Stain Antique Brown

Wood Floor Stain – There are many methods how to apply antique finishing on hardwood flooring. Stains, glazes, and finishing touches can be applied to new wood or wood. For ready-made wooden flooring, surfaces should be stripped or sanded to remove wax and dirt for new finishes to adhere properly. The old end does not have to be completely removed if you want to retain the old color as a base for applying new stains on it.

Like all antique or color paintings, you can achieve the custom colors you like by blending different colors wood floor stain and glazes or using only one color. From my experience applying two or more colors in a separate app gives the wood floor more character and is actually easier to hide the color difference in old wood or where the old floor has new imperfections, damage or repair.

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Before you start sanding or stripping the wooden floor from the old end result, select an area to create color and texture test samples, the best place to sample is in a closet that has the same wooden floor or an area on the main floor. where furniture or carpets will cover your test area. The best way to do sample testing is to use loose pieces of the same wood and make your samples on this as a way to see different color tones that you can get with just a different app and a second coat. That’s the article about wood floor stain.

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