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March 10, 2019 Decor Ideas

Wingback Headboard Personalized Bedroom Design

Wingback Headboard – A personalized headboard that distinguishes your bedroom, giving the furniture a touch of your personality. The Lateral headboard cradles the headboard of the bed with three pieces of wood. There are two wings that extend from the edges of the headboard along the side of the bed and, usually, the upholstery that covers the entire piece. The creation of your personalized shape and adding the fabric of your choice gives you a centerpiece around which bedroom to decorate the rest of your room.

Draw the shape of the back panel on the top half of the plywood. The lower ends and will be rectangular, while the upper part is rounded. Assuming you are making a wingback headboard for a standard double bed, you can make the width 66 inches. The height of the back can be 44 inches. Draw the wings on the lower half of the plywood. The wings have to match, therefore, it could be useful to use paper to draw and cut out a template and transfer it to the plywood.

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Cut the back panel and wings with a jigsaw. Sand the edges to prevent foam or material getting caught. Keep the wings instead of on the back panel. Trace the pieces of plywood in the foam. Use a knife to cut the foam. Cut the fabric to cover each section with 6 inches of additional fabric around the edges to pull around the wingback headboard.

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