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March 21, 2019 Decor Ideas

Very Simple Rustic Wood Headboard

The rustic wood headboard style is very simple, natural and because of that it is becoming more and more popular. A headboard is one thing that can make your bed look original, even if it is very simple, and you can highlight your style and leave a message with it. Make a rustic bed headboard with a bit of reclaimed wood or panels, you can stain or paint as you like, but to create a perfect rustic look such a stain has to have a little natural color.

These are just some ideas to inspire the rustic wood headboard style in the bedrooms . Thinking about a rustic decoration will inevitably lead us to think of wood , stones and wrought iron. It is true. But it is also true that this is not all. It is also a mistake to imagine a rustic decoration as something old, damaged or old.

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In reality it is about knowing how to combine materials and, above all, knowing how to combine styles. If you like rustic and will be the style that will prevail in your home, make it known from the entrance with a robust wooden door with nice cracks and an iron latch. Welcome to a very rustic wood headboard and cozy home.

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