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March 3, 2019 Decor Ideas

Tv Floor Stand Ideas Interior Decoration

Tv Floor Stand – These floor stands or floor pedestal are suitable for LCD led flat screen TVs ideal for a stand at exhibition fairs, The stand allows you to rotate the screen to the left or right by its easy-moving wheels, so you can adjust to the position Optimal display on your screen. The support basically consists of a metal base with wheels or wheels, which assemble in two parallel with an average height of 1.80 meters and these, in turn, are fixed to a plate with screws and security nuts to install the TV.

The pedestal floor support has 4 resistant industrial silicone rubber wheels and its respective anti-slip safety, to facilitate movement or take your equipment from one place to another. The range of tv floor stand designed to hold or hold televisions at a certain height of the floor is very wide, in a variety of colors, shapes, and models, but this model is manufactured without wheels or wheels.

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You cannot move from one place to another, but you have the possibility to adjust the desired height and turn the screen sideways. It is a very good option when you need a tv floor stand or monitor in places where there are no walls nearby, for example, the center of a kiosk, a cellar, a large room, open offices and a number of spaces and places in the home and office.

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