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April 1, 2019 Design Ideas

Troubleshooting Gas Patio Heater

Gas patio heater can be useful additions to yards or outdoor areas, but they are also quite simple units from a technological point of view. Although there are a number of specific mechanisms that allow them to work, the only items that a gas heater has to work generally flame and fuel.

Because of their simple design, it is rare that one of these gas patio heater does not work properly that checklist of troubleshooting problems with gas light bulbs is also quite straightforward. The most common problem you experience with one of these is that it simply will not work will not give off light or heat. Here are some basic things to check and change before typing your gas cartridge heater out as broken.

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As with other gas appliances, there is a clear reason that they do not work that there is no gas. Look towards the bottom of the gas patio heater and remove the gas bottle. If it is lightweight, it may be empty and you should replace it with one full. Even if you find that there was still a small amount of gasoline left in the removed container, it is likely necessary to replace a replacement. A minimal amount of gas is necessary at all times to just create enough pressure to drive the gas burner. The little remaining gas may not be enough.

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