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March 21, 2019 Lighting Ideas

Special Today: Starburst Chandelier!

Starburst chandelier was considered lamps with little commercial output. However, since a few years ago the resurgence of this type of lamps is being seen in a surprising way, this has a direct relationship with the new uses that are being given to them and the surprising result of the environments in which they are placed, especially if we combine different styles.

Starburst chandelier has also modified the philosophy of his image, it is clear that a lamp of great quality will always stand out more, especially for the brightness of the crystals, which is clearly the most appreciable difference in this type of lamps, but it is not so much a demonstration of economic level how I like this type of lamps. Currently they are found in all kinds of decorative environments and there are very varied proposals both in terms of quality and prices.

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They are also highly appreciated both the lighting Retro Vintage and in the rustic chic lighting . As a striking note, we want to show you the striking version of the starburst chandelier made by the prestigious architect Jean Nouvel, in which he has used decorative light bulbs with textile cables, achieving a totally surprising effect. A very personal version of a classic.

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