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March 25, 2019 Rugs

Secrets of Mid Century Modern Rugs

Mid Century Modern Rugs – If you want to turn your home decor into a modern-day medieval style, there are some design secrets you should know before starting. First, I suggest, if you have not already, take time to research this unique design. Experience the architecture of the era, the principles of interior design, and the overall mind-set and motivation behind the design. Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the movement. Study the drawings and floor plan and gain a comprehending understanding, and feel, from the overall look that determines style and period.

Recall that the modern design of the Middle Ages was characterized by the minimalist attributes of clean lines, simple and neutral, monochromatic color tones, along with “minimal” chaos. One of which is mid century modern rugs. Stay away from overcrowding or too much space. Less is best when it comes to medieval-modern design. With furniture of your choice, stick to simple designs, colors, and textures. Combine simple lines of antique or retro furniture with wooden floors and patterned rugs. According to your budget, you can buy antique or reproduction furniture according to the style of the times: plastic, stainless steel, fine wood, and glass.

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Use your furniture placement to create an intimate seating arrangement. Do not be distracted from your goal of minimalist thinking. If you have a limited budget but still really want the original piece, you can check in auctions, flea markets, property sales, and thrift stores. You might be surprised to see what gems appear for a real offer. I’m not saying you’ll find original designers but you may find some quality reproduction produced during that era. That’s the article about mid century modern rugs.

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