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February 25, 2019 Furniture

Protect Patio and DIY Outdoor Furniture

Although DIY outdoor furniture is made of weather materials, we must act wisely to prolong the life of it. Do not leave everything to the manufacturer’s hands as they are not the end users. This article provides an explanation of the protection of furniture. Follow the steps below to improve furniture utility. Generally, terrace furniture exposed to all forms of pollution. So, brush them to remove the dust. Check for any damage. If so, clean up the problem. Otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

The second step of DIY outdoor furniture this is the upholstery protection – Coatings sensitive outdoor furniture. The upholstery requires less maintenance. Coatings define the beauty of the furniture. So, it must be washed properly to release its gloomy appearance. After washing, it should be dried properly to avoid mildew. If less sunlight, then use the electric dryer. Dry until the water content reaches zero. Then use a cloth protector that does not affect the fabric properties. It should be sprayed seasonally to all pieces of cloth to improve life.

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Then the third step is the protection of the frame – As said in the first step, the frame should be handled separately. UV radiation from the sun and rain is the main cause of damage. Look for Outdoor furniture protectors that negate the adverse effects of weather. It can be applied to plastic and metal furniture frames with paint brushes. For the wooden frame, use regular paint. Pigments in a paint can protect furniture from heat and water. Wooden frames should be painted periodically because the paint on the frame tends to chip and wither. That’s the article about DIY outdoor furniture.

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