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February 27, 2019 Design Ideas

Ideas for Organizing Horizontal File Cabinet

Horizontal file cabinet can be a useful organizational tool, but if this potentially useful storage space is just a staple of paper, it can be more of a nuisance than a help. If your document cabinet is a black hole in which newspapers are missing, spend some time organizing it. By setting up some help organizational systems, you can make your document cabinet a helpful office post.

Outside-Box Labels

Allow yourself to decide what rests in each box without even opening it. Place detailed labels on the front of each horizontal file cabinet. If you can easily fit all items in each box in a category, place this category name as the title on the box front. If not, create a list of several different categories on an index card and attach it to the face of the box.

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Color coding

Turn your horizontal file cabinet into a rainbow of organization by hiring a color coding. Instead of choosing hanging files in any one color, order a multicolored package. Assign each category of records your document cabinet contains a set of color and use folder to match. If you place external labels in your boxes, write the title for each category in the corresponding color. For example, if bills, contracts and receipts will all go in the same box, but rest in different colored folders, each category writes title in the same color as those folders where you will place the items.

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