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March 1, 2019 Rugs

How to Design a Room around Brown Area Rugs

Brown Area Rugs – Maybe you’ve heard people say that when designing a room, you should start with a tapestry area, and work it out. Although there is no “correct way” to design the room, starting with a wide carpet is a technique that can allow you to achieve an attractive look together, with very little decorating knowledge. The reason it works is that your color palette has been reserved for you. If it looks good on the carpet, it will look nice in the room – no guesswork.

To start, of course, you need to choose your carpet. Select brown area rugs with a minimum of 4-5 colors for best results. The Eastern people are very compatible with this technique because of the many colors it contains, but modern carpets can also work. For most rooms, the 8×10 size is the most appropriate size for a seating or bedroom arrangement or 6×9 in a small space.

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Cat Color: Ignore any major colors of your brown area rugs. Of the remaining colors, there should be a pair that is shown quite clearly. Choose your favorite. Congratulations, you have wall color. Thinking about the wall accents? Look at the colors used just as an accent on the carpet (see how this works?). Again, choose what you like, and there is a wall of your accent.

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