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March 30, 2019 Flooring

How Epoxy Floor Coatings Have Opened Up New Business Opportunities

Application epoxy floor coatings are big business for many reasons. The first is that concrete is the most widely used commodity on earth. Concrete is an important part of any structure around the world but with problems such as moisture, bacterial and fungal growth. With the new high performance, decorative epoxy and polyurea systems do not need to live with hard-made, dirty, and bacteria-laden concrete floors.

In this article, we will discuss epoxy floor coatings. Coating new technologies are as smooth as ever. It prevents bacterial growth. Humidity has always been an enemy for the upholstery. New products and application methods will withstand excessive groundwater pressure and salt attached to the concrete. If you are experiencing delamination or chipping of the concrete layer, the upward moisture pressure called “hydrostatic pressure” is part of the problem. Humidity pushes salt up through the air and capillary holes in the concrete that breaks the chemical bonds of the layers.

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New technology allows epoxy floor coatings to moisten the pores of the concrete when the surface is right with fine soil. The high-performance layer absorbs onto the surface to be part of the floor rather than simply sticking to the surface. Advances in coating technology have resulted in a rapid preservation process. In many cases, the floor can be completed in half the time and used almost instantaneously.

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