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March 23, 2019 Bedroom Design

Homemade Rustic Platform Bed Design

Rustic Platform Bed – A homemade bed, course adds a rustic touch to a bedroom. An added bonus – materials are cheap and are generally destined for the garbage. Wooden pallets used in building sites, but ask first. You can also buy them from the construction of suppliers and distributors of the platform. Platforms are often used once before being discarded, to make a homemade platform bed is a rustic design statement that is environmentally conscious.

Measure the space. Make a note of the length and width of the area where you want to put your rustic platform bed. Also note the height with windows, electrical outlets, and bedside tables in consideration. Prepare the area where you will install the bed. This will be your workspace. If you make the bed in another room, you cannot get it through the door of the room when you finish. The materials can be bulky and you are using a saw to cut the size of the platform, which can create dust. Move out of the way lamps and shabby and electronic cover, clothing and other valuables with a cloth or tarpaulin.

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Stack wooden pallets. Placing two platforms (40 by 48 by 5 inches) side by side will accommodate a Twin mattress. Another pair of same size paddles placed next to them will accommodate a California King Size mattress. Stack two or more on top of an upper platform of the bed. Reinforce stacked pallets with wood screws so they do not slip when moving up and down the bed. Sands roughness on the exposed edges of the pallets. It is not necessary for the areas that will be covered by a sand mattress. Place the mattress on top of the rustic platform bed.

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