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March 27, 2019 Bedroom Design

Great Ideas Quilted Headboard

The quilted headboard is going to be the soul of the bedding of most beds with platform. Once spread over the frame of the bed, it will be the first thing that will be seen, which will dictate the personality of the bed and the rest of the room. The color will depend on the style of the frame of your platform bed, as well as the decoration of the room. Make sure you choose a heavy or lightweight quilt depending on the area where you live.

Pillows or cushions are a great way to make quilted headboard or base beds stand out. Get a pair of cushions to match the comforter. Next, add a smaller pillow in the middle to accentuate the color scheme. If your main pillows and quilt are brown, get a cinnamon or orange tone cushion. If the scheme is black and white, get a red cushion to give life to the decoration of the room.

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There are square or rectangular cushions in the market, a successful combination of both forms will give a very modern touch to the bedding. For platform quilted headboard, about four cushions or pillows can add a comfortable look. For smaller platform beds, individual or to achieve a minimalist style, two or three cushions are enough.

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