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March 23, 2019 Chair Design

Fashionable Leather Pouf Ottoman

Leather pouf ottoman – When decorating the room , one of the most used ways to “close” the living area is to use a pouf ottoman or double ottoman at one end or to complete the decoration as a coffee table. The Ottoman concept comes especially from the Arabic or Turkish style . However, perhaps because of its use in English, today it has been generalized to all types of poufs or footrests.

Although a leather pouf ottoman can be placed in any area (under the dresser of the entrance, at the foot of the bed or in a waiting room, in this article we will focus on its use in the room). The usual in the most common room is to have a TV cabinet on one of the walls, a three-seater sofa just opposite and either a loveseat.

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Or a chaise longue or two armchairs at right angles to the sofa , to allow a comfortable conversation among several. Well, the remaining space can be “filled” with a double leather pouf ottoman to visually frame that area. If we also add a large carpet that takes all the seats (sofas, armchairs and poufs ) the effect will be perfect.

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