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March 20, 2019 Sofa & Stools

Fabulous Chrome Bar Stools Design

This Italian company specializes in sustainable designs and is capable of carrying out, with chrome as a base, any type of furniture. Sofas, benches, chairs … nothing escapes the potential of chrome bar stools. Of course this design deserves all our admiration within the eco-friendly stools. A very useful idea to reuse disposable materials. Another fantastic idea to cut the budget in the decoration of our house is to give more than one function to our furniture.

There is nothing more practical and functional than double-use furniture that doubles your space thanks to double functions. Having less furniture but more versatile is an infallible way to beat the battle to square meters, as for example with this simpleĀ  chrome bar stools made with elastic bands that allows you to keep all kinds of things in it.

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It can become a comfortable bath seat where you can store hand towels, or a striking magazine rack to place in your living room. Following the line of multifunctional furniture, this stool design by Patrick Suriani can become the inseparable of more than one technophile. Do not run the risk of running out of battery, take with you everywhere this fabulous chrome bar stools with built-in network plugs.

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