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March 26, 2019 Curtain

Black Velvet Curtains for Better Naps

Black Velvet Curtains – Most people enjoy opening the curtains and windows and letting the sunlight in and brighten the house. I feel this way about my kitchen, and sometimes my living room. But I’ve worked most nights of my life so I tend to be night owls. Often, I will sleep just before the rest of the world gets up. This is when I get the most out of my black curtain. I can sleep alone in a nice dark room.

But, when I wake up during the day, I want some of the rooms to be bright. I do not like black velvet curtains because I do not like it when I stumble there. Do not get me wrong, I have a black velvet curtain over there, but that’s not the same thing. It was just the color I decided to decorate. The same applies to my living room. I do not use the black curtain there, but there is close enough. I have a black and white striped curtain over there hanging proudly from the black curtain rod.

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I understand the benefits of letting some sunlight now and then. Being in the dark all the time can make you feel a little depressed. It is a good idea to open the house for a while every day. It can improve symptoms of seasonal depression and can improve your mood in general. However, sometimes when I am on my computer, too much light hurt my eyes. black velvet curtains are designed to help you control how much light comes into your home.

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