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March 26, 2019 Flooring

Aquaguard Flooring for Sale

Aquaguard Flooring – Not difficult to get off track when discussing the pros and cons of the Aquaguard floor. Over the years, the Aquaguard floor is identical to the laminate floor; the reason is that Aquaguard first came up with the idea of laminate flooring. Aquaguard is still the largest producer of this type of flooring, although the company is now owned by Mohawk, another manufacturer of laminate flooring.

However, any discussion of what is good or bad about aquaguard flooring usually degenerates into arguments for the pros and cons of laminate flooring in general. This floor has been in the laminate flooring business much longer than anyone else. There are many very competitive brands today, but Aquaguard remains the top-selling brand with a significant margin, which tells you something about the quality of their product line. Another positive indication that Aquaguard is a brand that can be trusted lies in their warranty, up to 30 years, and more than enough for most types of flooring.

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However, the warranty has exceptions. If you regularly spill liquid in your aquaguard flooring and do not remove it afterward, the floor will eventually start to break down, and the warranty will cease to apply. The Aquaguard laminate floor is almost ridiculously easy to install. Individual boards just snap together. Most laminate flooring, including the Aquaguard floor, requires an underlying material between laminate and subflooring.

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